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Taste notes: floral, citric, smooth
Ingredients: Bai Mu Dan white tea, Zhen Mei green tea, lemon peel, mint leaves, lavender, orange peel, kardamom, rose buds.
Recipe: 12-15g/l / 3-5min / 85°C

Certified Organic (DE-ÖKO-039)

The luxurious, floral aroma of Bai Mu Dan white tea and the strong, citric acidity of Zhen Mei green tea is perfectly balanced out with other organic, natural ingredients like lemon peel, mint leaves, lavender, orange peel, kardamom and rose buds in this amazing blend.

Bai Mu Dan Impérial from Fuding County in Fujian Province, is nobility itself. Its fine, jade leaves have a high proportion of silver-needle tips, or Yin Zhen. This flowery, crystalline liquor has a lively aroma and a smooth taste, natural and slightly earthy. Originally, White Tea was the privilege of the Chinese Emperors and the higher ranks of the Chinese nobility.

Chun mee green tea leaves have a fine medium jade colour. Each leaf is long, but tiny. An important quality is the consistent shape–small and curved–like the eyebrows painted on a porcelain doll. According to the Tea Board of Anhui Province, the direct ancestor of Chun Mee tea is the Anhui green tea from the Ming Dynasty in the 1600’s. As the hand-processing for the eyebrow shape became perfected, this high quality tea swept through all China and became one of the favourite drink.